Project Services

World Wide Project Cargo Logistics

Allegro Freight Services works diligently and effectively to defined and agreed service standards.

All Project Cargo Jobs are controlled and managed by qualified managers, all having substantial logistics management experience.

  1. Analyze, Acknowledge and Formalize Status of Project Infrastructure
  2. Research and Identify Strength, Weaknesses and Opportunities
  3. Analysis of Critical Items
  4. Shipping Procedure Consulting
  5. Provide Vessel and Aircraft Chartering on a Global Basis
  6. Planning, Monitoring and Managing the Transit
  7. Identify Local issues affecting project solutions
  8. Departure and Loading Procedures
  9. Cross-Trade, contact and develop solutions for seamless transactions
  10. Research and develop route surveys, feasibility studies, etc.
  11. Complete inland transportation at origin and/or destination
  12. Control movement of oversized and heavy lift cargo worldwide

Experts in handling all aspects of Document Management.

  • Consolidation And Deconsolidation Services
  • Quality Collection and Distribution Services of Goods to/from Warehouses
  • Inventory Status Report While Stored in Warehouses Through IT Capability
  • Customs Clearance at the Port and T1 Document for Bonded Transport
  • Cargo Insurance