Container Sizes

Container ship capacity is calculated in 20-foot units (TEU). Typical loads are either a combination of 20-foot and 40-foot (2-TEU) ISO-standard containers.

The two most popular sizes are 20-foot and 40 foot (other larger sizes also available) used for loading, transporting and unloading goods. Containers are commonly used in ships, trucks and trains.
Shipping containers are available in a variety of types, such as open end, open side, open top, flat rack, reefer (refrigerated), tank (liquid bulk).

If you are unsure on your container size requirements, contact Allegro Freight and we will determine the ideal container for your specific goods. Below is detailed information on each container size.

20′ Flatrack
20’ Hardtop
20’ Open Top
20’ Platform
20’ Reefer
40′ Hardtop High Cube
40’ Hardtop Open Top
40’ High Cube
40’ Open Top
40’ Platform
40’ Reefer
40’ Standard
45’ High Cube
Tank Container

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